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How “Happily Ever After…Right Now” Helps Me Keep My Joy – by Veronica Cuyugan


From the Acknowledgements to the Epilogue, this labor of love I’ve had the utmost privilege of reading has touched my life in such a profound way that I literally want to hand it out to every single woman I know. Happily Ever After…Right Now epitomizes metaphysical guidance between pages – it’s so much more than a self-help book. It’s a comprehensive review of our history; why we react the way we do to certain emotional stimuli and how we can correct ourselves so that we live in our Queen essence.

Happily…reiterated the lesson I learned long ago- that happiness does not come from a source outside of me, but rather from within, by nurturing the divine love that is my (and your) birthright.

Luann includes many how-to approaches, including exercises such as looking in the mirror three times daily and repeating “I love you,” indefinitely, along with guidelines that range from dealing with conflict in a romantic relationship (and how it can be resolved without actual conflict, but rather with introspection and understanding), to Stepping into the launchpad of your Passionate journey.

Within Happily… are countless references and quotes from metaphysical greats including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Rumi, and others like John Lennon; all who’ve operated on the same wavelength of undeniable, abundant, universal love.

This approach to happiness inspires and lays the foundation and encouragement for internal dialogue that corrects centuries’ worth of error embedded within our DNA.

Basing our happiness upon our interactions with others is not only futile – it can, on the contrary, be damaging to our bliss and future relationships. Now is the time to seek guidance and correction. Now is the time to adjust self-speak and thinking that was once detrimental. Happily Every After exists in the present moment if you so choose to seek it.

Although I’ve finished reading the entire book, I’ve left notes and paperclips in the places I often re-visit in order to review the lessons Luann taught me (one favorite passage I’ve shared here, below). Whether I’m having a particularly “off” day and am struggling with my spiritual Regality, I feel inadequate at work, or I catch myself blaming my partner for an issue that is actually my responsibility, Happily Ever After…Right Now has proven to be one of the most valuable sources for re-setting my mindset and prompting introspection, prayer, and meditation.

Here is the excerpt I’ve selected to share with you today, from Chapter 9, pp. 171-172, this section is titled Real Love:

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Love heart uidaodjsdsew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There is nothing you can do that can’t be done. There is nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. All you need is Love” — John Lennon/Paul McCartney.

Most of us have a desire to eliminate suffering in our lives. And in order to open into our full and most radiant joy, we have got to show up each day with a conscious decision to become the joy we are waiting to receive. To cultivate such an attitude requires commitment, responsibility, and discernment. A significant part of the process involves learning to distinguish the difference between happiness (peace, fulfillment) and pleasure (immediate gratification, or short lived ecstasy). And, identifying how to experience and then live our lives from a foundation of real love is a critical component of the formula for happily ever after… right now.  

What does real love feel like? How can you be sure when you are truly experiencing it? As mentioned earlier: “Real love has no lurking shadows or dark corners for it is bathed in light. It does not seek power because it is power. And it does not search for freedom because it is already free (Foundation for Inner Peace, 1985, p. 407).” In accessing this real love, which is ever available to us, we must be strictly committed to and completely firm i letting go of everything that does not mirror back to us the most expanded possibilities for our growth and ultimate freedom. 

Real love is multifaceted. To have passion for another can be fitting when kept in the proper perspective — as long as this passion is balanced with self-love, care, patience, and freedom, both for yourself and for the beloved. Freedom is one of the most important elements of real love. In order to know your beloved, you must be willing to dissolve and melt into a new way of being, in a sense, become one with him. Yet, to genuinely experience a sense of oneness with this other, you cannot seek to possess him, because he is not yours to own. You have joined him (for now), so that the two of you can become more familiar with the circular nature of love through your mutual growth and exploration.

Luann goes on to explain how through such an exploration we will come to experience a myriad of feelings: rapture, heartache, joy, defeat, devastation, patience, compassion and freedom.  She also explains various ways we may encounter these feelings.

I would like to thank Luann for allowing me the honor of profiling her at The Indie Chicks online magazine, and a special thank you to our mutual friend for making this connection possible.

-Veronica Cuyugan

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