What a Gem

Thoughts to Contemplate by Dr. Luann Robinson Hull


About the Gems:

Gems are periodic inspirational messages to help support your growth across all areas in your life – relationships, career, health and wealth. 

About Me:

I am Luann Robinson Hull, D.Min, L.S.C.S.W, MSW – licensed therapist, and professional life strategist.

In my life strategy sessions, I support individuals in discovering interruptions to growth, helping them to eliminate suffering. I provide practical tools that can be applied immediately – tailor made for each person’s life goals.

Join me and discover the life of love, health and happiness that you desire and deserve.

My background: 

With approximately twenty years of practice and research, I am considered by many an expert on relationships and human behavior. I hold a doctorate in ministry and a master’s degree as well as specialty license in clinical social work. I have spoken to audiences across the country on breakthrough techniques for eliminating suffering and habituating happiness.

Additionally, I facilitate a variety of groups. One such group, Conscious Conversations, is gaining tremendous momentum. These groups, which meet in a variety of cities across the country, focus on creating conscious communities and supporting people in conscious living.

My book, Happily Ever After…  Right Now, shows readers a step-by-step method for unravelling the patterns, habits and cycles which have held them captive and kept them from reaching their full and most optimal potential. With these tools in place, women are finally able to live the life of their dreams.

You may contact me with questions, or for a private consultation.

Join me in this fantastic journey.  


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