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The Joy of Reconnection


Dear Friends,

Happy summer!

joy of reconnection image

It has been a while since I have been in touch. Even so, much has been percolating over the winter months. Our “Happily Team” is gearing up to launch the sequel to Happily Ever After…Right Now which is titled, Self-Belonging. The plan is for this book to hit Amazon and bookstore shelves some time before the holiday season. We will keep you informed about the timing. I am so excited about this material as it is a complementary expansion to Happily while being a cutting edge resource to support you on your path to full-on self-actualization. Meanwhile, in preparation for the launching, my team has updated our website, and social media tools, along with putting together some talks and gatherings on the subjects covered in the Happily and Self-Belonging material.

Self-Belonging dives fully into the study of human consciousness, happiness, and well-being, while exploring information on how to move into an expanded level of consciousness. In such a state, problems and disturbances will lose their grip on you. Instead, you will be inspired to broaden your outlook to the extent that what matters to you most is how you can fulfill your destiny. And when you are focusing on your life-purpose, you will have no more time for dramas, debacles, and concerns about what you don’t yet have. Instead, you will be concentrating on what you came here to offer (rather than what you can get). And in such a state, you will begin to see all of the people, places, circumstances, and events that you could possibly imagine, show up to support you. If you are not quite “there” yet, the information in Self-Belonging can serve as an important resource and guide. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile please check out my most recent Huffington Post blog, which provides some pointers on the subject of revolutionizing your consciousness.


If you are in the Aspen area (if not make plans to come!) don’t miss an extraordinary weekend event, which I have had the privilege to assist in launching. For information and registration, please go to:  http://davinikent.com/2014/05/07/making-leap-interspirituality-sacred-earth-global-shift/?month=jun&yr=2014#

jean watson logo and linkI am also most privileged to offer a one day Immersion/workshop with my esteemed colleague, Jean Watson, Dean Emerita of the University of Colorado School of Nursing.

Caring Science: Sacred Wisdom of Lovingkindness, Compassion & Forgiveness

 July 9, 2014 | Boulder, CO

This event promises to be life changing with some magical surprises and guest appearances!
Please see the link below for information on registration (register before June 6 and receive a discount!)

register here image and link



Good news! My new website is live! This site is where future blogs will originate. Please check it out and feel free to leave a comment.  http://luannrobinsonhull.com/

Thanks for your loyalty and interest! Believing in you!




2 thoughts on “The Joy of Reconnection

  1. Your being shines through your words and your face, reminding us to be who we are and express whatever that is.

  2. Thank you so much for your faithful support, Truth! With loving care I am your friend! Luann

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