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Grateful for You


Thankful for the Gift of Sight

Thankful (Photo credit: AGrinberg)

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wanted to let you know of my feelings of gratitude for all of you. I so appreciate the many comments and responses to our gems and cannot tell you how inspiring each and every one of you is in my life.

One of you wrote this to me after my last gem:

 “I am deeply thankful that neuroscience now shows us the positive brain evidence, that supports choice versus fight or flight and to nurture self is the key to our new evolution as human BEINGS.”

I loved this woman’s insights reminding me that many of you “out there,” are making note, like those of us on the Happily team, that we have a plethora of choices on how we can decide to respond to life.

The thesis of Happily Ever After…Right Now is that happiness is an internal job, though the discovery process can be easily log jammed by beliefs and triggers that can certainly “trip-wire” our happiness potential. The work and research that we do on the Happily team is all about helping you to negotiate those log jams and the experiences that result when we do get tripped up by our experiences of people, places, circumstances, or events.

For those of you who have read and are familiar with the material in the book, you know that it is divided into three parts:

  • Education: To offer a fundamental historical and scientific perspective on why you repeat certain behavioral patterns, even if they don’t serve you or your growth
  • Awareness: To support you in being aware of what you are doing, so that you can strengthen the behaviors of your choosing
  • Transformation: to offer tools for completely transcending your outdated ways of operating while moving fully into your Happily Ever After…Right Now.” (page xl prologue)

As a gift to you and those you love or would like to reach out to, I am offering the kindle version of Happily at a very special price for a limited time offer.

November 29 thru December 5, 2013:
99 cents!

Happily Book Cover

Click here to take advantage of this offer.

Enjoy! Meanwhile, remember I am grateful for you!




3 thoughts on “Grateful for You

  1. What a great offer! An elderly pastor once said, “you are gonna ride that horse around the mountain until you get it right”. So why not begin getting it right, right now!

  2. We are grateful for you too. Have a wonderful holiday season. 🙂

  3. I am thrilled this is available to people for 99c! I’m going to share with everyone I know! YES!

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