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Soul Sister (or Brother)


Soul leaving

Soul  (Photo credit: Nomadize)

If we really want to experience true intimacy with a partner, then we have to be willing to tune into our very own heart and soul. What is the secret to finding happiness, the right partner, the right career, enough money, better looks, more energy and the greater health? You must begin by making a commitment to loving yourself. The soul sister/brother that lives in your essence will never leave or forsake youMarry him/her first (or marry “him/her” now if you are already “actually” married). Go and buy yourself a simple little eternity ring. Slip it on your finger and make a personal pledge to begin (or continue) learning how to provide for yourself absolutely everything that you think (or thought) you would require from someone else in a conscious, loving relationship. Every time you look at the ring, be reminded of what it symbolizes: a lasting commitment to you.

What will it take to recruit all of the love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, support, affirmation, and patience you can muster on a daily (hourly) basis and then give it to yourself? For many of us, this is an unfair inquiry. We have been trained to believe that self-love is selfish. It isn’t. Understand that if you cannot fully love and accept yourself, it will be impossible for others to love and accept you. The magnitude of love that exists within your very own being is infinite. And if we are not experiencing this love in bountiful supply, then we have to look inside and ask ourselves what it is that is keeping the lid on. Maybe we will never know. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is your willingness to discover in yourself everything that you may have been waiting for someone else to provide.

Embark on that journey of self-discovery and self-love.




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13 thoughts on “Soul Sister (or Brother)

  1. A few months ago I took an erasable marker and drew a few big hearts on my bathroom mirror, a silly, small reminder that it was important to love myself…at least I thought it was silly and small. It was a small but significant turning point in my life.

  2. Great post, and great reminder. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. I think we can take this a step further too – if you are married, and having issues and maybe they are or are not your soul mate – you must still be happy with yourself first. A marriage, for good or bad, can’t work unless we are our own personal best and find it in ourselves to work at it each and every day. I know so many people in marriages who just don’t try anymore and then they wonder why they’re so unhappy. Great post.

  4. So meaningful… to really love yourself at the soul level… and also in the tactile world too.. Great post!

  5. My eternity ring is more like a lifetime supply of chocolate… but it works for me. I said basically this very same thing on the blog yesterday at http://www.mscheevious.com!

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