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Listen to Your Heart-Voice



Many of you have been on the pilgrimage toward happiness and health for a while. Time and again, you have felt the ecstasy after making measurable progress followed by the agony when you slipped back into old behavioral patterns. You have been connected to the sense of freedom and peace that you’ve so desperately wanted to sustain, only to watch that state of bliss evade and elude you yet another time. You have discovered certain things that work; let go of things that don’t; stuck to some stuff for a while; slacked off; gone back to old patterns; started new ones; picked up the latest book; gone to another workshop; hired therapists, healers, coaches, spiritual mentors, doctors and others, all in looking for the answers.

And, more than once you have been disillusioned by these various approaches — similar to the disappointment you experienced from the men you positioned into princedom. Alas, they were not able to deliver your ticket to “happily ever after,” either. And so when things in your external world continue to fall apart — together with all of your unresolved hopes and desires — you may be more inclined to keep directing your attention inward for the answers. As has been repeatedly emphasized in this material, it is through the internal exploration that you will access lasting support for your most optimal destiny in this life form. Despite any feelings of personal inadequacy, which may arise as you continue to dig, you are your own best guru. Put aside all of the unnecessary chatter of your mind about how you have fallen short, and instead, take note of the messages coming from a more peaceful, stable place in your heart. This “place” is your Essence. It will steadily guide you to the truth. How will you recognize the “voice” of this silent whisperer? It is ever supportive, encouraging, and resonate with your highest and best good. And deep in your soul, you do know what is best for you — regardless of the perceived inconvenience this may cause. Others can guide, encourage, and cheer you on, but ultimately, dear hearts, it is you who must go forward “confidently in the direction of your dreams.” And listening to the heart-voice will definitely provide the most direct route — regardless of how things may appear.




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Excerpt from page 245-246 of my book, “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!


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10 thoughts on “Listen to Your Heart-Voice

  1. I married young and a few months after the wedding I found myself to be grumpy and having a bad attitude. I had a chat with my internal guru and realized my parents had always been in charge of my “attitude adjustments” and I was needing one big time. So I learned to give myself a check up by looking inside, locating my reason for discontent and dealing with it- or not. (sometimes I like to wallow a bit before moving on.)

    • Thank you dearest Onisha for sharing. It’s very true that we must take charge of our own check ups… and we all let things “slide” from time to time, so don’t worry about it one bit!

  2. Beautiful post Luann! You illustrated so clearly what I know I do — that vacillating between being right on track to totally off the rails… it’s a little unnerving. But it’s so true that we need only to turn our focus inward… and clear our heads…

  3. One of the hardest things I’ve found in trying to become a “self sufficient” person is realizing that those times when we most want someone else to pick us up and carry us along are the times when we most need to do it ourselves. Climbing out of a hole on your own can be a daunting task, but you feel so much more accomplished when you do it unassisted.

    • Yes, it is wonderful to know we can always do more than we think we can! And, sometimes we do need a hand getting out of that hole. For me it is all about balance. I have to remember that I don’t have to be Hercules to be independent!

  4. Eloquently said. Brings to mind this quote: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” —Samuel Beckett

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