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Introducing Regality

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A variation of this post appears at the very start of Chapter 7 in my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!”

There’s beauty in release… there’s no one left to please.” — Sheryl Crow

A Queen Waits for No One
Image found here: http://junibearsjottings.blogspot.com/2012/01/taw-regal.html

A person (King or Queen) who has trained themselves to be in a peaceful state chooses to stay in peace regardless of what is going on in their environment. For the sake of example, we’ll talk about women (Queens). If a tree falls on her car, she experiences the upset and inconvenience — and returns to peace. If she receives a new diamond necklace, she allows herself to delight in the gift without making it overly significant — and returns to peace. If she catches a nasty cold she allows it to run its course — and returns to peace. If the King is in a bad mood, she avoids taking it personally — and returns to peace. Even when circumstances seem intolerable, the Queen finds a way through. And when life appears more glorious than she ever could have imagined, she accepts the experience joyously — and returns to peace.

Kings and Queens have a secret formula for allowing this peaceful state to be the foundation of their existence. No matter what, it always works like a magic spell. Whenever they use it, they are happy… right now.


Let go, surrender, forgive. 

Be attached to nothing. 

Wait for no one. 

Think for a moment about how this magic spell could transform all of your life’s upsets, frustrations, disappointments, and feelings of betrayal.

Now, breathe and begin. You can be King or Queen. Make it happen. I believe in you!



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Above excerpt taken from “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” p. 98

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